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Can We Move the Rays to the NL?

Well I am offically tired of playing Tampa Bay. You can sure see why they are leading the way in the AL East. Good starting pitching, great relievers, good defense and enough power and batting to win.

On our side....well, not that much good to say. Litsch.....well in some ways it is pretty amazing that he could pitch 6.2 and give up 10 hit with 2 home runs and only have 3 runs scored against him. That is amazing.Or damn lucky. I wouldn't hope for that kind of luck too often. Tallet and Frasor pitched an inning and a third of no hit ball.

Offensively we did get 8 hits and 2 runs but like last night we got one run less than what we needed. Lind and Barajas each got two hits and drove in a run each. And Rios got his 40th double of the season.  Inglett, Mac and Bautista (who I'm sure is going to be our new whipping boy) all were 0 fers.

To be honest, I think it's time to give up on Mac as an everyday player.. He has had one hit in the past four games. I was thinking during the game that it might not have been the best idea to advertise that Mac hit better when he pulled the ball, pitchers seem to be pitching him away now and he is nicely pulling easy grounders to short. Or weak fly outs. Or if could be my imagination.

The fangraph:


Jay of the Day? Well, going to give it to Lind (.098 WPA). Suckage Jay and reason number 30 to fire JP: Jose Bautista (-.225). Now I really don't want to judge the trade so quickly but man he looks lost at the plate. I don't think we gave up anything to get him but he looks like a waste of space so far.

In other news, Shawn Marcum made his first start in AAA going 7 innings, striking out 9 but giving up 3 runs in a loss. Tomorrow we start a three game series in New York. Oh, and there is other big big news but I'll put it in a separate story.