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I Guess We Should Cancel the Surgery for BJ.

24 hours after a terrible blown save, BJ goes out and does the job. His velocity is down though. I still have concerns, he did come back quick from Tommy John surgery. So have to expect some lingering issues I guess.

AJ only went 5.2 and only 4 strike outs, so no one got the right answer on the poll....we were all high. Downs pitched 2.1 scoreless, he pitched the night before too, I hope Cito doesn't pull a Gibby and over use Downs. Is tough not to, I can understand, he is lights out consistantly so is easy to go to him any time a game is close.

Offensively everyone hit except for Lind (end of his hitting streak), Overbay ( though he walked, scored and drove in a run) and Stair (he walked and scored). And we got steals from Scoot and Inglett (for whom we need a nickname. Any ideas?).

The fangraph:

  Jays of the Day? Barajas (.291 WPA), nice to see him start to hit again, Downs (.251) and BJ (.101) . Suckage Jay AJ (-.189) and Lind (-.103). I think that's the first time Lind has been on the Suckage list.

I get to watch tonight's game.....wife isn't home so no one to nag me about watching a game. Will get the game thread up before so join me.