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Well, Not .500 Anymore.

A tale of two games. Jays score three in the first inning, Mendoza looks like the pitcher he has been all season, terrible. It really looks like we'll score a bunch today. Purcey throws three hitless innings, gets ripped off on a hit batter call in the third, the ball grazed Hamilton's jersey, in the second but gets a double play ground ball back to himself. Unfortunately he doesn't throw ball hard to Mac at second and we don't get the double play. But the next batter hits into a nicely turned 3-6-3 double play.

Top of the fourth after Lind and Stairs each single, Wilk grounds out scoring the run. And that's the end of the offense for the day. Zaun strikes out, Mac flies out. But we are up 4-0 and all looks good.

Bottom of the fourth Kinsler walks and Laird homers, first hit of the game haves the lead, but Purcey gets out of the inning. For the rest of the game we get two hits and make Mendoza look terrific. Mendoza goes 7 for the first time this season. Francisco and Guardado work the 8th and 9th.

Bottom of the 5th Davis homers, two hits, two homers, three runs. Travis Metcalf fakes being hit by a pitch, ball bounces over his foot. The plate umpire calls it properly but, when Ranger manger Ron Washington argues, the plate umpire talks to the other umpires and they reverse his call. How can an umpire 100+ feet away over rule the umpire that was 5 feet away? And how can Cito not go nuts and get thrown out of the game? Come on, let's pretend we care. Kinsler flies out. Then Laird hits his second homer of the game and the Rangers third. Three hits, three homeruns and we are losing.

Parrish pitches a good inning and a third not that it matters anymore. Camp gets two outs and gives up two hits. Cy comes in and can't do anything right....a gale is blowing in, and Camp can't find the strike zone, a wild pitch, a balk, a couple of walks and a couple of hits and we are down 8-4 and Cy's ERA climbs to 2.21.

The fangraph:


Jay of the Day? No one really but going to give it to Stairs (.097). Parrish deserves honorable mention for getting four nice outs. Suckage Jays Purcey (-.323) and Cy (-.103). Cy's first suckage Jay award. I didn't think Purcey pitched that poorly, none of the home runs were hit a mile, each just cleared the wall and Arlington isn't a hard place to hit one out. Did strike out 4, walked 2 and gave up 3 hits....all home runs.

Tomorrow Jays are back home, hosting Oakland. Doc (12-8, 2.85) vs. Gary Smith (5-10, 4.04). Smith is left-handed, we do so well against lefties. We get to try to get back to .500 for the 17th time this year. Oh joy.