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Not Such a Happy Travis Snider Day

We got beat by Carl Pavano. Carl Pavano. I can't believe it. We suck so much. We ruined Travis Snider Day. You know, we have some good games and everyone says what a wonderful job Cito is doing but we had good streaks with Gibby. We were teriffic in May with Gibby, right now we are awful with Cito. We've had three loses in a row and have scored 3 runs in those three games. And one of those games was against Carl Frigging Pavano. How can any Major League team only get three hits in six innings against Carl Pavano.

To be far we had a number of hard hit balls caught. And Pavano only struck out one Jay. He got 13 fly outs and only 4 ground outs, so yeah there was some bad luck involved. But there was also some straight crappy hitting involved.

The good: AJ had a complete game (yeah another one of those 8 inning complete games that we had seeing).  He only allowed 7 hits, 1 walk and 8 k's.  He only had one bad inning. In the fourth Damon singled and stole second. Jeter struck out. Then Bobby  F'n Abreu doubled him home. ARod singled to give the Yankees runners on the corners. I think the best part of watching the games in New York is listening to the fan boo ARod. Giambi hit a sac fly to give the Evil Empire all the runs they needed.

Travis Snider went 1 for 3 with a double and scored our run, but then he also had an awful at bat in the 8th with runners on first and second, striking out looking. I think we'll enjoy watching him the rest of the season but I'm sure he'll have moments that drive us crazy.

Speaking of driving us crazy....first inning Inglett led off with a single. Now my favorite move in the world is bunting in the first inning. And we are facing (say it with me) Carl Pavano. So course Scoot bunts, moving Inglett into scoring position for Rios, who is hitting .035 with runners in scoring position (not really, I just made it up, he's not hitting well with RISP) so of course Rios flies out and Wells flies out (to be fair again, they both hit the ball hard just into a glove).

I wish I had the time to do a study on how often we have scored after bunts or attempted bunts. It seems to me every time we bunt it either fails and we loss a lead runner or we strand the runner anyway. Why we'd play for a run in the first inning anyway. I think that the reason all our hard hit balls were caught was that the baseball Gods were punishing us for being so bloody stupid.

Anyway the Fangraph: Aug_29_medium

Jays of the Day: AJ (.133 WPA) and Rod (.121). Suckage Jays: Lyle (-.201), Rios (-.167), Lind (-.119) and Inglett (-.116).

Tomorrow John Parrish (1-0, 4.05) vs......well really who cares, whoever it is we'll make him look like Bob Gibson. Ok, it is Darrell Rasner (5-9, 5.03).

In other news, the Red Sox beat the White Sox 8-0 today to move further ahead of the Jays, but they put Josh Beckett on the DL. JP uses the handful of injuries that we've had as an excuse for us losing but can you imagine if we had the injuries the Sox have had. Tampa Bay beat the O's 14-3.

Seattle had the honor of being the first team to be officially eliminated from any playoff hope the other day. Pittsburgh will likely join them tomorrow. We are about a week away from that point.