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Game Thread For Game 135, Jays at Yankees

I'm going to my boy's football this morning so just getting a quick game thread up. I should be back half way thru the game, though if we go down as quick and easy as we have the last 3 games I might miss more of it.

We have John Parrish (1-0, 4.05) getting his first start since being recalled to take Shawn Marcum's spot in the rotation. On of those moves I really don't understand but we'll just go along with it. Not saying he won't pitch a good game though.

Darrell Rasner (5-9, 5.03) gets to let us lower his ERA for him. Maybe we'll miss some gloves today.

The Jays have a 10 game errorless streak going, which is one of those things you notice when a team isn't winning. With last night's loss we are 19-28 in one run games. That's one of the things we can point to for next year, we can't have such bad luck forever.

Snider was the youngest Jay to start a game since Manny Lee played his first game at 19. Not the great company you'd hope to keep but I'm sure Travis will go on to have a better career than Manny did. A ground rule double in your first game is a good start.

Enjoy the game. The game threads have been lively of late, 394 comments in yesterday's, so join in. Makes the games more fun. I'll be in later in the game, hopefully we'll have a big lead by then.