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Sorry Mr. Bautista.....

I don't think we've said anything too nasty about you, but then I'm sure we haven't always been the nicest. Anyway, welcome to the team. We can use someone that can get a hit when we need one. In case no one has told you, come back wins are not our specialty.

It was a bit of a strange game, all the Yankee runs came with two outs in the inning. They scored twice in the 1st, twice in the 4th and twice in the 5th. The game had everything, home runs, sac bunts, stolen bases, an costly error (thanks Cano), some over managing (Girardi replaced Giambi with Cody Ransom in the top of the 8th, leading by a run, for defense. Then Ransom ended up the final out of the game) and more reason for Yankee fans to boo ARod (he hit into a double play in the bottom of the 9th).

The Fangraph, a thing of beauty:


As you can see, in the 6th inning there was about a 90% chance the Yankees would win. But in the 7th with Lind on, Cano threw the ball into left on an easy force at second, Overbay went to first and Lind third. Then the subject of a new Facebook group 'Jose Bautista Suck' got his first hit as a Blue Jay and made it a three run game. Zaun did a great job working a walk after starting out 0-2. Snider struck out, he did look over matched today, maybe has to relax some, not easy to do at Yankee stadium. Glad Cito is here and will, I hope, show patience with the boy. Inglett then singled, driving home two and making it a one run game. Eck popped out and Rios, once again looking awful with RISP struck out. I thought they screwed their last chance.

But in the 8th Wells lead off with a single. Lind facing lefty Damaso Marte for the second day in a row took a lesson from last night's strike out and hit a nice single. Lyle sacrificed and for a change we scored after. Our new hero Jose Batista singled Wells home to tie the game, give him a while, he's only been a Jay for a bit. He doesn't know we aren't supposed to get the big hits. Zaun hit into a force that plated the go ahead run. Good hustle down the line for Zaun. Snider struck out again to end the inning but by then we had the lead and with our pen, a one run lead is generally enough.

Snakeface pitched a quick 8th. Is he the best setup man in baseball? And BJ made it interesting the 9th giving up a single to Jeter and a walk to everyone's favorite Bobby F'n Abreu, before he got a 5-3 double play by ARod, showing that as well as getting the big hits, Bautista can use the glove. And then BJ got Ramson to fly out ending the game.

Jays of the Day: Wells (.258 WPA, 2 for 4 with his team leading 15th homer), BJ (.209, nice save inspite of raising my blood pressure), Bautista (.200), Downs (.146), Inglett (.127) and Zaun (.122).

Suckage Jays: Parrish (-.260). He was terrible 4 innings, 7 hits, 2 homers allowed. Tallet (-.105). He wasn't better, 1 inning, 2 hits, 2 walks and 2 runs. Snider (-.157, 0 for 4 looking bad), Rios (-.121, 1 for 5, but looked awful with RISP), and Eck (-.116). I gotta wonder what happened to get Eck a start at short, is there a flu going thru the Jay's clubhouse? Did five of the other 32 middle infielders we carry come to some sort of unfortunate accident? Did Eck hold a gun to Cito's head while Cito was filling out the lineup card? Nice to see him in a game again.

Tomorrow we have Doc (16-9, 2.69) against Andy Pettitte (13-10, 4.37). We have had a terrible time against left handers this season, well lets be honest we've looked terrible against a lot of starters. But let's get the win for Doc and get him to 20 wins because win count is the only thing Cy Young voters understand.