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Game Thread for Game 136, Jays at Yankees

The Jays last game at the House the Ruth Built.


Toronto Blue Jays @ New York Yankees

08/31/08 1:05 PM EDT

Toronto Blue Jays New York Yankees
Marco Scutaro - 2B Johnny Damon - CF
David Eckstein - DH Derek Jeter - SS
Alex Rios - RF Bobby Abreu - RF
Vernon Wells - CF Alex Rodriguez - 3B
Rod Barajas - C Jason Giambi - 1B
Adam Lind - LF Xavier Nady - LF
Jose Bautista - 1B Hideki Matsui - DH
Scott Rolen - 3B Robinson Cano - 2B
John McDonald - SS Jose Molina - C

We have an interesting lineup going against Andy Pettitte . Once again we are treated to the delight of having Eck DH and Overbay is on the bench with yesterday's hero (and the goat for the few games before) Jose Bautista playing first. Mac's back at short and there is only one lefty in the starting lineup, Adam Lind. No Travis Snider today so not sure there is enough reason to watch thru to the end.

My reason is to watch Doc and have another look at Yankee Stadium. We made a trip there last season so I could see it before it was gone. After being there I can understand why it is being replaced, the corridors are narrow and there is no room for decent food services. But still is sad to see it go, there is a lot of history there. We took the stadium tour and my middle boy who isn't a baseball fan at all was still thrilled to sit in the dugout, "can you imagine all the great players who have sat here".

Really want the win for Doc. Would love to see him get to 20 wins. He deserves to be considered for the Cy Young but if he doesn't get to 20 the writers, who vote for the award, don't look past the win/lose record won't even notice how good he has been here. If he ends up behind KRod in the voting, I'm going to hunt down the voters.

I was hoping to here that Eck was trade by now, but since he is in the starting lineup I guess maybe he won't be. It would be great to get something back for him and since we have a hell of a glut of middle infielders I thought we could trade off one of them. I really don't think any of them will be of great value to us when/if we become a contender.

Anyway, join me in the game thread. Go Jays, if we can only be a spoiler, spoiling on the Yankees is a good way to start.


Will Eck be traded today?

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