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Holiday Monday Odds and Ends

Have a strange start time tonight, 6:00 Eastern, for the start of 4 against the A's. Would like to think we could win this series since the A's have sold off all their good players. Good new is Vernon Wells could be back next week. Also, not sure if this is good new or bad news, Shannon Stewart and Jeremy Accardo are in rehab assignments in A ball and likely will be ready to return soon. Not sure what they'd do with Stewart, recall him and send Mench down or just release him?

There is a change is starters for the A's today Sean Gallagher (4-4,4.11) will go for them today. Greg Smith will be pushed back till tomorrow. Bobby Crosby left their game yesterday feeling 'light-headed', seems the heat gets to everyone at this time of year.

Both Jason Bay and Manny helped out their teams win on the weekend. Manny had four hits with a homer and Bay scored the winning run Friday, hit a homer Saturday and had two hits Sunday. Think it might be a trade that helps both teams and watching Manny play the big left field in LA would be worth the price of admission in entertainment value. I think the trade will likely put LA in the playoffs, in that awful division. I think the Red Sox will make it too, with the focus off Manny.