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Back to .500, For the 17th Time.

50 games left and at .500 once again. I am hoping that this series will put us above .500 for the long haul. Doc as always was amazing, 8 innings and only 4 hits allowed, 1 walk and 8 strikeouts. And the offense found a way to score with the bases loaded, take one for the team. Our first two runs were scored because of hit batters with the bases loaded Scoot in the first and Lind in the second. After Lind was hit, Gallagher (the Jay's MVP on the night) threw a pitch over Stairs' head, that was ruled a passed ball.  Then Stairs singled and Wilk hit a sac fly and the game was over.

The offense the offense had a good night, if they could do this more often Doc would be the unanimous Cy Young winner. Everyone in the lineup had a hit, except Overbay, who scored and drove in a run, and Mac, who made a handful of nice defensive plays. Eck, Rios and Stairs each had two hits. We still had a lack of power, 10 hits and only 2 doubles.

I'm not going to post the fangraph, basically it shows that after the third inning we had the game won. It is here if you want to see it. Jays of the Day? Doc (like I needed to tell you, .257 WPA), Scoot (.113) and Lind (.110). Suckage Jay Eck (-.092), and that was with 2 hits in four at bats......

My only complaint was Cito using Downs to pitch the ninth with a 5 run lead. Downs has been amazing and leads the team in appearances (one more than Cy), but why is he needed in the ninth of a blow out?  The other guys in the pen have been good too. Oh well, he pitched another scoreless inning and has his ERA is down to 1.34 on the season.

In other news: Joe Inglett was a late scratch with a sore knee. Hope it doesn't keep him out long, without him Wilk will play every day. Rolen has sat the last two days. Vernon likely will be back at some point next week, I'm interested in who they will send down or release to make room for him.

Everyone's favorite first round, Ricky Romero, has had two good starts since being promoted to AAA, 10 innings and just 2 earned runs, 7 strikeouts but 8 walks. Hopefully he is finding himself (and will soon find the strike zone).

In tonight's Yankees/Rangers game Joba Chamberlain left the game after 4.2 with a stiff right shoulder. If he's lost for any extended period it would be really tough on the Yankees. They also lost the game tonight 9-5. Red Sox and Rays lost too.....if we were in the race, that would matter.

If you haven't seen the video of the fight in the Brewers dugout you ought to take a look on this page. Prince Fielder (how do you get a name like Prince?) shoved starting pitcher Manny Parra hard twice into the bench. I wouldn't want to take on Fielder, he's a big guy.

Tomorrow Scott Richmond gets his second start for us, Greg Smith a left-hander is to start for the A's. It should be an interesting game.