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Thoughts for Wednesday Morning

Life is a little nicer after a two game win streak and with the Yankees on a two game losing streak (and going 3-7 in the last ten) things are just that much better. But in reality we are 7.5 games out of the Wild Card with just 49 to play and four teams to pass.

I guess the good news is one of those teams are the Rangers, I don't think they have enough pitching to make a run. And one of those pitchers. CJ Wilson, just went on the DL after getting booed off the mound and having a moment with manger Ron Washington. In Wilson's defense I'm not sure instructing a player on how to properly be removed from a game, while 30,000 people are booing him, is all that necessary.

Another team we are chasing, the Yankees, don't have a very deep starting staff and looks like their best, Joba Chamberlain, may be gone for a while.

"I wouldn't necessarily look anything into it," Girardi said of the visit. "Dr. Andrews is a pretty renowned doctor, so a lot of guys go see Dr. Andrews, and we'll see what comes of it."

That might be true but a lot of guys go see Dr. Andrews to get cut into. If he is going all the way to Birmingham, Alabama they must have found something in the MRI yesterday.

Some Yankee fans think they are done.

Minnesota is doing well but I don't figure they can score enough to get to the playoffs, though getting Francisco Liriano back, throwing well, doesn't hurt at all. Then there is the Red Sox, for every opinion out there that Manny's trade stinks, there is another one saying it was great. I agree with this from Beyond the Score.

Truth be told, Jason Bay is as good as Manny Ramirez. Marcel projects Manny to hit .287/.386/.516 over the rest of the season, and projects Bay to hit .272/.367/.484. This small difference in offense is more than likely made up by the defensive upgrade that Bay represents – although he is no great shakes in left field, Bay is certainly better than Manny, perhaps by a lot. Furthermore, Marcel strongly takes into account Bay’s injury-riddled 2007 campaign in Bay’s projection; while I don’t think we should disregard Bay’s 2007 entirely, if his poor numbers were due to the fact that he wasn’t healthy, we may want to bump up his offensive projection for the rest of the year.

But then most of the time on a Wednesday morning I'd rather look at pictures of Brazilian synchronized swimming twins. I might watch some of the Olympics after all.

Who knew the Arena Football league had a trophy.  Of course all the cool rockers own soccer teams.

Our 60 reasons to fire JP seems to have petered out at 38. I was sure we'd get to 60 easy, if you have any to add, please do. See you tonight in the game thread.