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Thursday Morning And Have That Run Over Feeling.

So you want to be a catcher? Watch this first. Sort of how I feel this morning. If you are too lazy to hit the link, don't worry that's how I feel too, David Murphy of the Rangers run into Pudge Rodriguez a the plate in yesterday's Yankee win.

But Rodriguez actually came away in better shape than Murphy. While Rodriguez may be back in the lineup as soon as Thursday, Murphy is headed to the disabled list with a strained posterior cruciate ligament -- plus a black eye he took from the collision.

Yesterday I mentioned Brad Ziegler and his scoreless inning streak, well Brad has a post up on Athletics Nations. It is a nice long post and he says nice things about the city of Toronto.

A couple of Triple A notes, Travis Snider has been promoted to AAA Syracuse. In yesterday's Syracuse game Brett Cecil got the win, pitching 5 innings and striking out 7. His ERA is still up at 8.59 but he's only had the two starts there. Also yesterday, SS Danny Sandoval went 5 for 5 and brought his average up to .325 and Russ Adams, hit a home runs in the last 2 games, giving him 12 on the year.

From's Truth and Rumors:

Front-office sources with the Pirates told Metro yesterday that, before MLB's July 31 trade deadline, they made a two-for-one proposal in which they would have dealt all-star Jason Bay to Toronto for minor-leaguers Travis Snider and Brett Cecil. The Jays mulled it over and declined. Snider is a power-hitting outfielder/first baseman. Cecil is a left-handed pitcher. Baseball America ranks the two as the Jays'most promising minor-leaguers.

I wouldn't have wanted this trade, as a Jay fan, trading two guys with a lot of potential for one guy that we would only control until the end of next year. It would take more than Jason Bay to drag us into the race this season.

According to fangraphs AJ has the 6th fastest fastball amoung major league starters. Doc is 18th.

Likely will put up a new poll this afternoon, the 'Should JP Be Fired' one has run it's course. Surprisingly enough, people want to see JP fired. Who'd have thunk it?