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It's Familiar, But Not Too Familiar - Game Thread, A's at Jays

Well, it's great to be back. The trial was truly grueling but we won a great victory for the United States against the corporate defrauders and evildoers! All in all, a great result. Anyway, I return to this familiar, but not too familiar place (where rince and I will be splitting the job) with a quote from the fantastic Long Winters, surely the best band to come out of Alaska.

The playoffs are a long-dead dream, but the team is over .500, Shaun Marcum had a great start last night, Adam Lind is proving everyday that the Jays should've given him more than 19 at-bats, the bullpen is clicking, Vernon Wells appears to be on his way back as soon as next week, and the hitting hasn't been a total disaster recently. Oh, what could've been.

Unfortunately, the lineups are not working at the moment, but I'll try again when I get back from my run. A.J. Burnett v. Justin Duscherer. I'll be around for part of the game tonight, but will be running first. Stop by if you've got time, and let's go Jays!