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All Good Things Must Come to an End.

Winning was more fun. I guess it is good to be reminded that we have a lousy offense. We did get 9 hits and three walks but only one extra base hit, a triple by Barajas that he legged out to second. Boy is he slow. Is tough to score with singles when you have so many automatic outs in the lineup.

Cito was supposed to get us to hit with power, what happened? When we hit a couple of homers in his first few games people were quick to give him now can we give him blame when we hit like wimps. Rios, in particular,  seemed to have no clue when he came to the plate. 0 for 5, 3 strikeouts and left 4 on base. Cito keeps talking about them having to have a plan....his plan seems to be swing at pitches that bounce. Everyone but Rios, Inglett and Mac had a hit and Barajas and Lind had two. Lind has a 7 game streak going, Barajas 9 game.

Purcey didn't have a bad game...he did have a bad inning, gave up 3 doubles in a row then a single that Rios threw out the batter trying to stretch it into a double. But, with our offense, three runs in an inning is too much. He did pitch 6 innings and got the quality start and he struck out 8. So not a bad start but, with our team, 'not a bad start' means a loss.

The bullpen wasn't perfect tonight. Though again I thought that was on Cito. Camp pitched a good 7th then he goes out for the 8th, got a great play by Inglett to get one out. Should have been a hit. Then walks Carroll on four pitches. Any manager would have had the pen going before and that would have been the end for Camp. But Cito does his statue impersonation. Camp walks Shoppach and then Cito reaches for the phone. Camp gets a k and then gives up a single that scores a run.

Finally Cy comes in but gives up a hit to Choo. He hit a good pitch and they get another run, both walks score. But why leave Camp to walk two? Yeah would be nice to get two innings out of him but the pen is deep. Have someone ready in case. Making it a four run lead really ended things.

The Fangraph:

  Jay of the Day? Rolen (.117 WPA). Suckage Jays? Inglett (-.189), Mac (-.177) and Rios (-.157).

Tomorrow we have a 1:00 Eastern start, Doc vs Byrd. Rolen will be sat to rest that shoulder. I get to watch tomorrow I join me in the game thread.