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Game Thread for Game 117, Indians at Jays

We have Doc (13-8, 2.77) going up against Paul Bryd (6-10, 4.72) today. Byrd has been great of late, last 3 starts he's give up 2 earned over 20 innings. Byrd is fun to watch with that rocking chair motion of his.

Lind and Barajas are on little hitting streaks of 6 and 9 games respectively. Barajas is sitting today as Zaun gets the start. Rolen is sitting too. Makes for a fun line up with Wilk (.226 BA), Zaun (.239) and Mac (.198) hitting in the bottom three spots. Lind is batting cleanup today. Thanks Cito. Of course, our team leader in walks is batting fifth with no one behind him to drive him in when he gets on. What would be wrong with Overbay in one of the top three spots, he asks rhetorically.

I am watching the game this afternoon so join me in the thread.