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Saturday Morning and All Thru the House, Not a Teenagers is Stirring

Half the fun of having teenagers is teasing them about sleeping til noon. That all ends in three short weeks, it's the most wonderful time of the year....

Just a quick couple of morning notes. Vernon started his rehab at Syracuse as a DH going 0 for4, Travis Snider went 0 for 4 as well, with 3 strike outs. Everyone's favorite, Ricky Romero, pitched 7 strong innings giving up 5 hits, 2 runs, only 3 walks and 10 strikeouts to get the win. Maybe he can work his way  into a competition for a starting job next season.

According to this story, the blackouts on might be going away, that would be good, I got it this year and then was pissed off that I couldn't watch the Jay games that were not on TV.

Apparently Manny Ramirez's agent is being investigated for the way Manny left Boston:

The Red Sox had an option to retain Ramirez in 2009 for $20 million. They had the same option for 2010. Ramirez, who will turn 37 next season, wanted to be a free agent at the end of this season. His agent wanted the same thing. Boras inherited Ramirez's old contract and stood to earn nothing until Manny signed a new one. It was in the interest of the player and the agent to have the options dropped. Manny's only leverage was withholding services and playing at half speed. So that's what he did.

If that's true Boras should lose his agent's cetificate. He should be looking after the client not his own bank account.

Can you see Manny as a Yankee? In this Manny or Boras say he wants to be one.

And the Olympics started yesterday. I'm not the bigest fan, is mostly sports I don't care about. But if I ever had any doubles about my sexual preferencses, woman's Beach Volleyball seals it for me....I could watch that for hours.