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There Really Aren't Words....

Well, there are really, but they all are of the four letter variety. The Jays played that game like they really weren't interested in winning. Where to start? Let's start at the end. I like first basemen with, you know, power.  But, ok, you can't have everything, but if you don't have power you have to have smarts. So, down by two, two out in the bottom of the ninth and he hits one off the left field wall. Now his run doesn't matter, it's the guy at the plate behind him that counts. So when he is thrown out at second by about 10 feet. This should get you sat for a couple of games.

Who else? Rios? He really looks like he isn't seeing the ball at all at the plate, 0 for again and then, ran a mile to get his glove on a fly but doesn't squeeze it.  At first they called it a double then changed it to an error. Is a tough error as he did run a long way to get it, but then if you get your glove on it you ought to catch it. Rios is hitting .279/.327/.418. with a bunch of steals, but an outfielder has got to him more than an empty .279, I don't care how much he steals. There has to be some power or some on base percentage. Cito was supposed to fix the lack of power. He is slugging at a .361 rate this month. Clearly not good enough and he has no plan at all at the plate.

Mac? Man I really have been cheering for him to play SS this year but when he's in he has to make the plays. Twice he and Inglett worked together to turn what should have been at least an out into what was ruled a single and one that was ruled an error. Really they both could have been errors. Now Mac's got the worst fielding average among our shortstops and if you are batting .191 you can't be doing that.

Anyone else? Well.....Cito. You want to explain to someone what kind of manager Cito is? Just say this, Doc, in a game that really doesn't matter, losing by two runs, is left out there to throw 130 pitches. I'd bet there won't be 3 game this year where a pitcher throws 130 pitches in a game. Unless Cito does it 2 more times. Sometimes I could swear the man is a statue in that dugout.

And, of course, the rest of the offense, we managed 6 hits against Paul Byrd. Paul Byrd! 6 hits. His first complete game of the season. 6 hits and three were by Inglett and two from Overbay, one for Wilk. And then six 0 fors. It looked like they couldn't wait to get out of there and make their dinner reservations.

Doc was frustrated by the plate umpire and by his defense. He gave up 4 runs but only one was earned. League and Frasor did a nice job for the final 2.1 innings. He seems to be getting frustrated a lot this season. Guess losing is getting to him.

The Fangraph:


Jay of the Day? Inglett (.112 WPA), a home run short of the cycle. Suckage Jays? Halladay (-.202) though not really fair since his time let him down big time, Rios (-.124). Add in Mac and Overbay and that's the game it was.

This is a team was ought to beat and tomorrow they, Cleveland has a chance at a sweep behind Cliff Lee. If they do sweep we are back at .500 for the 18th time.