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Happy Birthday Jason Frasor

Jason turns 31 today. Jason was drafted in the 33 round of the 1999 amateur draft. He's done very well for himself for such a late draft choice.He was traded to the Dodgers as a 'player to be named later in a trade for Hiram Bocachica. Then on September 18, 2002 he was traded to the Jays for Jayson Werth. Werth wasn't going to make the Jays out of spring training camp and wouldn't have made it thru waivers to be sent down, so you would have to say JP made as good a trade as he possibly could have considering.

Jason was our closer in 2004 and made 17 saves. In the four years since he's had 3. He's never been able to get and keep the trust of a manager since. Nor has he really deserved any trust though this year his ERA isn't bad at 3.57. But he does find himself on the pitching leader board for the Jays in a few categories, which says more about the franchise than it says about him. He is tied for 50th in wins. He is 13th in appearances, 12th in career saves, 44th in innings pitched and 32 in strikeouts. Also 26th in wild pitches and 9th in games finished.

So happy birthday Jason, it is nice that he got to pitch an inning today.