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Football Pool

Here is our first football pool, so the deal is email me your choices against the spread by mid-night Saturday. And for tie breaker purposes also include your guess for total points by the two team on Monday nite.  Also be sure to send me your  member name with it, so this is for blue bird banter members. If you aren't a member, if very easy to join. My email is at the bottom of the page, hit the little letter tab by my name.Be sure to use the rincewind tab. No money involved, just bragging rights for the week.

I think the chart is self-explanatory, the favorite is listed first and they have to win by more than the spread.

Date & Time    Favorite              Spread    Underdog      
9/14 1:00 ET    At Kansas City    -3.5    Oakland      
9/14 1:00 ET    At Cincinnati       -1.5    Tennessee      
9/14 1:00 ET    Indianapolis       -2.5    At Minnesota      
9/14 1:00 ET    At Washington    -.5    New Orleans      
9/14 1:00 ET    Green Bay          -2.5    At Detroit      
9/14 1:00 ET    At Carolina         -3.5    Chicago      
9/14 1:00 ET    NY Giants          -8.5    At St. Louis      
9/14 1:00 ET    At Jacksonville  -5.5    Buffalo      
9/14 4:05 ET    At Tampa Bay   -7.5    Atlanta      
9/14 4:05 ET    At Seattle           -7.5    San Francisco      
9/14 4:15 ET    At Arizona           -6.5    Miami      
9/14 4:15 ET    At NY Jets          -1.5    New England      
9/14 4:15 ET    At Houston        -4.5    Baltimore      
9/14 4:15 ET    San Diego         -1.5    At Denver      
9/14 8:15 ET    Pittsburgh         -6.5    At Cleveland

Monday Night Football Point Spread                   

9/15 8:35 ET    At Dallas           -6.5    Philadelphia