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Nothing Lasts Forever.

That was bad in a couple of ways....we sure could have used the win and, of course, Doc needs the wins to have any hope of the Cy Young. Doc wasn't sharp in the 1st inning, but got it together after that till the 6th when the Sox started the inning with 3 hits and all three scored.

We learned a couple of things. We still don't hit lefties. We didn't score until Ozzie pulled Buehrle after a 1 out walk in the 8th, after that we scored 5 runs in the last two innings. Rios homered in the 8th but then struck out with 2 out in the 9th and the tying run on third. Guess can't expect him to come thru every time.

Bautista shouldn't play first. Really shouldn't play first. Ever. And Tallet isn't the pitcher he was early in the season, though maybe he was just lucky back then. And Barajas is cold cold cold. He's so cold he can't make a throw to second. He is batting .143/.138./.143 in September. The man is either very hot or very very cold. Right now he's very cold.

Speaking of cold, Lind hasn't hit a homerun since August 19. He's still hitting singles but a left field ought to hit with power and he only has 1 RBI this month.

Three guys that did hit tonight were Scoot 3 for 4, Rios 2 for 4 with the homer and Vernon 3 for 4.

Jay of the Day, Scoot (.235 WPA). Eric Hinske Awards Bautista (-.261), Rios (-.142, that strike out to end the game hurt) and Rod (-.131). And Doc (-.127) wins the Suckage Jay starting pitcher Award (we need a name for this).

Rays beat the Red Sox tonight, in 14. Percival was pulled from the game with some sort of injury. I think it was 'couldn't find the strike zone with a compass' disease.

Tomorrow we finish our series with the White Sox with Shawn Marcum (8-6, 3.42) going against Gavin Floyd (15-6, 3.72). We really would need this game going into our series with the Red Sox on the weekend.