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Thursday Notes

I don't really have anythng new to say about 9/11. My son woke me up that morning telling me a plane crashed into the World Trade Building and I spent the morning watching. For me the only thing I could take out of it all is that my kids and I are so lucky to be in a place and at a time where we don't have to hate anyone. Do you know how rare that is in the history of mankind. I don't have to hate anymore for where they were born or who they pray to or what color their skin is.

My parents were born just before the war in England and they had to hate the Germans and the Japanese and it is hard to remove that hate later in life. People all over the world are raised to hate someone because they believe in the wrong god or some great ancester wronged someone elses great ancester. Or because they live far away and we don't understand them. Or some other stupid reason that people use to breed hate into their children.

Me, I'm lucky, I don't have to teach my children to hate anyone. I wish everyone could be so lucky.

Anyway back to baseball.....I see here that our chances of making the playoff actually improved yesterday to 2%. I really don't understand the numbers but I'll just blindly agree.

And I'm going to remind people to vote for Tom Cheek in the Hall of Fame vote. Hugo put a link on the right side of the page, vote everyday. Use Explorer, Firefox doesn't seem to work with the voting page.