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On to Boston With Still a Prayer

7 innings and no one comes close to scoring then in the 8th the two teams combine for 10 runs. That had something for everyone, including some awful calls by the umpires. The win makes the games in Boston this weekend interesting. 6.5 games back at the moment, a sweep would make it a 2.5 lead and we'd have a race.

Marcum, for the second game since coming back for the minors, was just amazing. He pitched 7.1, only gave up 5 hits, 2 that came after he got the first out of the 8th, 1 walk and 6 strikeouts. His 2 earned runs scored after he left the game. He was super.

Downs on the other hand looked shaky for the, what, 5th appearance in a row. Snakeface gave up 2 hits including a home run while getting 1 out. When he came in the game we were up 6-0 and when he left we were up 6-4. I think he could use a few days off but with the big series against the Red Sox (4 games in 3 days) coming up I doubt he'll get it rest. League came in and got the 3rd out of the inning after Down gave up the homer to Jim Thome.

In the game thread we were hoping against hope that Cito would leave League in for the 9th but, of course, he brought BJ and we all got to give our hearts a stress test. BJ hit the first batter Pierzynski. Then, with the help of some interesting strike calls, struck out Ken Griffey. I don't know how Griffey didn't get himself thrown out, I'd have been screaming. Swisher struck out swinging at a pitch low and off the plate, with a full count but watching the plate umpire, you never know, he may have called it a strike.

Uribe hit a ball that went right thru Rolen's legs. It was hit hard, but Rolen needs to make that play.....if for no other reason than I'd like to keep some color in my hair. But with the tying run on first BJ struck out Cabrera to finish the game.

For Chicago, Floyd pitched terrific for 7 innings, overcoming two awful calls at first base. But in the 8th Moonraker doubled (and was lifted for a pinch runner Wilk), Inglett bunted him to third. Normally I don't like the bunt in this spot but in the 7th Lind lead off with a double and that's as far as he got. In a scoreless game in the 8th one run was important. Scoot singled scoring Wilk. Then Wells singled, Lind struck out, Overbay singled, Rod doubled, and Rolen singled but was tagged out after rounding first, but we had 6 runs in by that point. I don't know for sure, but I'd have to guess we lead the league in stupid base running mistakes.

Anyway, Jays of the Day: Marcum (.445 WPA) and Scoot (.208). Honorable mention to Moonraker and Lyle and the plate umpire. Don't know what would have happened if he didn't stretch the strike zone for BJ. Hinske Award goes to Wells (-.112), Downs came close to getting the Batista Award (-.076).

Tomorrow the 4 game series with the Red Sox starts. David Purcey (3-2, 5.23), he had a great start last time out against the Rays so I hope he repeats it tomorrow. Tim Wakefield (8-10, 4.11) starts for the Sox, his last start was awful, 1.2 innings and 7 runs. Hope he can do it again too.

AJ Litsch and Doc will start the rest of the series each on short rest. Can say I disagree with trying doing that. This series is the season for us, I don't really want to see John Parrish starting for us.