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September 12 and we still have a shot. Coolstandings has us at a 3.6% chance of the Wild Card, while Sports Club Stats has us at 2.8%. It is worth noting that both side agree that the Godless Yankees have a 0.1% chance while the Rays have moved into up to a 99.7% chance of playoff ball.

It's funny, I've received more emails to do with Blue Bird Banter this week than I had total up till now. Though I guess since I hadn't had any till this week, it wasn't a hard record to break. Maybe it has something to do with us getting more visitors than ever before, people are taking notice?

Anyway this morning I got a note from Bill Chuck from telling me we are his 'Site of the Day'. This is very nice, thank you. Actually, I'll quote:

Why is it so hard to find a decent Blue Jays blog that is kept up to date? Fortunately, I found one: It’s our site of the day.

Almost damning with faint praise. No, honest thanks, we do try, but there are other good Jay blogs. But if you have a moment, there is a lot of interesting bits of info on the Billy-Ball site. I'll quote a couple but there are many more bits.

1. Stat of the year – Seattle Mariner’s pitcher Felix Hernandez on June 23 stepped to the plate against the Mets’ Johan Santana and hit a grand slam homer. In that it will be his only at bat of the season, he will end this season with a 1.000 batting average and a 4.000 Slugging Average, and will be the AL pitcher RBI leader.

Very cool. AL pitcher RBI leader, wonder if he could use that at an arbitration hearing? And about last night's Jays game:

 B.J. Ryan struck out the side in the 9th...

Makes it sound good doesn't it, doesn't quite capture the panic BJ instilled in us. He did talk more about the game. And one more quote:

2. The Red Sox should change the name of the “Green Monster” to the “Eco-Friendly Monster.”

Cute....He also mentions the possibility (wrong term, pipe dream maybe?) of a Jays-Astros World Series. Anyway check it out.  

If Bill wants to check it out, another 'decent' Jay's blog is  Drunk Jays Fan (language warning, if you are one that doesn't like certain four letter words, don't hit the link) . I just love how they describe last night's game:

Did the Jays just win a wildly entertaining game (read: one that the Beej pitched in)...?


Isn't that a nice way of describing watching BJ lately, wildly entertaining? I would say watching him is a reason to become a 'Drunk Jays Fan'.

And there are other good Jay's blog, along the left hand side there is a list of blogs and there are more good ones out there. Oh, one last thing, if you want to get into our first weekly football pool, email me your picks by Saturday night. Have a good afternoon, see you in the game thread tonight. Go Jays.