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That Was Depressing

That doesn't end our chances but it doesn't help. It was a long shot at best anyway. Purcey didn't pitch badly, 6.2,6 hits, 6 K's. Likely was left in longer than he should have been, 120 pitches is a lot and the last one cost us 2 runs.  Frasor on the other hand was terrible.

Offensively we were awful. Wakefield went 8 and only gave up 3 hits. Putting Wilk in the lineup didn't help, he was 0 for 4. But he wasn't the only one; Scoot, Rios, Wells, Rod and Mac were all 0 fers.

Other than that, 2 more errors for Rolen, one that cost us. He is having a tough time in the field.  I guess he is tired of us saying how good he is with the glove.

So, no Jay of the Game today. Hinske Award goes to Scoot (-.096) but then everyone was terrible. Tomorrow AJ (17-10, 4.31) pitches the afternoon game against Paul Byrd (11-11, 4.39). I think we've seen enough of Byrd that we should know what is coming. The evening game has Litsch (11-8, 3.70) vs Bartolo Colon (4-2, 4.09). Jesse has been terrific since his little stint in the minors. Colon is making his first start coming off the DL. Both our guys are on short rest, never can tell how a pitcher will react to that, but there is no choice really. We need these games.

I'm away for the weekend so by the time, hope we are still in it when I'm back.