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Streets Are Fulled With Broken Hearts.

Well the make or break weekend with the Red Sox was break. After splitting the first two games, our Jays lost last night's game and the game this afternoon. Last night's game hurt, I got to see the end. And it wasn't fun. Jays got 5 runs in the second to go up 5-2 and that was it for scoring.

Downs hasn't looked good for his last several appearances and last night wasn't any better. I really think he's been overworked by Cito, I know it is hard not to overwork a guy that has been as good as Snakeface has this year, but we have other guys that have thrown well. Game we are up by 4 runs, maybe Downs could sit? I guess it is a moot point as Downs is, at best, day to day after reinjuring his ankle last night on Ellsbury's swinging bunt. He might get shut down for the season which might not be a bad move, save him from hurting his arm compensating for his ankle.

Anyway last night's Jays of the Day were Inglett (.134 WPA) and Cy (.099). Honorable mention to Moonraker. Suckage Jays? Downs gets the Batista Award and Litsch gets the Towers Award, though Litsch didn't have a bad game considering the short rest; 5.1 innings, 5 hits, 3 walks and 3 earned.

Actually let's talk about Litsch for a moment.....Litsch thru 6 innings was about 96 pitches. On short rest, a young pitcher, who doesn't pull him at that moment? Well, Cito, of course. But then, even Cito would have to have someone up ready to replace him if he gave up anything. Right? Nope, Litsch gives up a double, a four pitch walk and then a single to load the bases.

I know, I know, this is Cito and he isn't going to change.  But it still drives me crazy. Frig Cito, learning isn't a bad thing. It is possible, to remove a pitcher before 100 pitches. It is also premissable to use someone other than your favorite reliever in a game if we are up by 4 or more. You might find you like some of the other guys. And for God's sake, move occasionally, birds are going to start landing on you. Hey man, I rant cause I care.

I know, there is a love in with Cito and yes the team is doing better with him.  I think a good part of the offensive improvement is having Lind and Wells instead of Wilk and Stairs out there. He does have a way with some players. But man I wish he'd learn how to run a pitching staff.

This afternoon, well basically we didn't score enough for Doc, basically ending any hope of a Cy Young. Doc pitched 7 innings, gave up 6 hits, no walks, struck out 5, gave up 3 runs, two earned......all on short rest, a pretty decent start really. BJ pitched the 8th and gave up a triple (!) to Ortiz. How the hell does Pappy get a triple? I didn't see the game, did two fielders fall and break legs? A Youk sac fly and the Jays went into the 9th down by 3.....

Which turned out to be a big deal because we got 2 runs off Papelbon. Add that to the solo homerun by Bautista in the first and we lost by an Ortiz triple. Anyway no Jay of the Day for today's game, though an honorable mention to Lind. Hinske Awards go to Mac (-.237), Scoot (-.111) and Overbay (-.091).

The gamble to start AJ, Litsch and Halladay on short rest pretty much worked. The Jays got 18.1 innings out of the three and they only gave up 5 earned runs for a 2.45 ERA in the three starts. But....the operation might have been a success, the patient died anyway due to not enough offense and the bullpen not doing their usual amazing job.

So we are down to a 0.2% chance at a playoff spot. I guess you didn't need me to point out it is over right? So what are we playing for now? Well the Yankees have snuck up to just a half game behind us at the moment. I still would like to finish above them. Besides that? I'd like to see more of Snider, I would hope that now Cito will play him against the left-handed starters. We already know Mench can't hit, let's see if Snider can hit the odd lefty. And Doc and AJ still could each get to 20 wins. That would be nice to see, though, in AJ's case, it will just make him a few million dollars more when he opts out of his contract this winter.

The title is from Bob Dylan's song 'Everything is Broken' off Oh Mercy a truly great album. And yeah, everything is broken, but we had a better run than anyone would have thought at the All-Star break.