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Just Like Old Times

Just like any time in the first 4 months of the season, the Jays let a no name lefty beat them. Why this team can't beat hit a lefty is one of those questions we'll never find the answer to. Today's lefty, Chris Waters, pitched a complete game 4 hit shutout. Just 3 strikeouts but 16 soft fly outs.

And to make matters worse, Shawn Marcum left the game after 3 batters in the 3rd inning with 'numbness in his pitching hand'. Doesn't sound good. Our pen pitched 7 good innings, Parrish pitched 3 innings and gave up 1 run. Wolfe pitched 2, Tallet 1, Frasor .2 and Cy got the last out: all scoreless.

Jay of the Day is John Parrish (.112 WPA). Hinske Awards go to Scoot (-.139), Bautista (-.124), Rolen (-.118) and Rios (-.096). Marcum had number to earn a  Suckage Award but since he got hurt, that's likely enough for one day.

In Jay's news Downs and Barajas are both 'day to day' with leg injuries. Downs I gotta hope will be allowed to sit the rest of the season. Barajas has a sore left hamstring. I'd like to see Thigpen get most of the starts the rest of the way, to let us have a look at him and evaluate him for next season but Cito started Zaun tonight and I would guess he will keep using Zaun. You'd have to ask him why.

Brad Arnsberg apparently feels AJ will be back with the Jays next season. Arnsberg says AJ's wife likes Toronto. I do have this feeling that for an extra several million dollars AJ's wife would like whatever city offers the most money, but we shall see.

Rays beat the Red Sox tonight so they are still in first. Yankees lost to the White Sox so we are still tied for third. Tomorrow we have David Purcey (3-6, 5.10) going against Brian Bass (3-4, 4.84) for the O's, thank goodness he's not a lefty. We might get a run or two against him.