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Can't Come Up With a Cute Title, Game Recap

Yeah it means nothing but coming back from being down by 6 is still pretty good. All the starters had at least 1 hit. Inglett, Snider and Rios (with his 15 home run) each had 2 hits and Rolen had 3, so the offense did its job.

Purcey didn't have the start that we wanted to see. If AJ leaves we are going to need him. He gave up 11 hits and 6 earned in 6 innings. The bullpen did well expect for League who gave up a tying run after the Jays took the lead in the 7th. Tallet pitched 1.2 scoreless innings and Cy got the win for getting the final out in the 8th.

Ryan pitched a 1, 2, 3 ninth for his 30 save. Nice to see that he can still do that once in a while.

The Fangraph is kind of cool, going from an almost sure loss to a likely win, to 50/50 then back to a win:


Jays of the Day: Rios (.365 WPA), Rolen (.235), Moonraker (.152), Inglett (.103), BJ (.168) and Tallet (.127). Honorable mention to Cy, only got one out but was a big one with go ahead runners on. Towers Award Purcey (-.219) and Batista Award League (-.202).

In other Jay's news, Marcum and Downs will likely be shut down for the rest of the season. The Jays also gave out their Minor League MVP awards:

This year's class of Webster winners includes left-hander David Purcey, second baseman Scott Campbell, first baseman Brian Dopirak, left-hander Marc Rzepcznski, right-hander Robert Bell, infielder Balbino Fuenmayor, catcher Carlos Perez and infielder Oliver Dominguez.

Tomorrow Jesse Litsch (11-8, 3.75) goes for the Jays and the Orioles have a lefty going Garrett Olson (9-8, 6.84). How can someone have a winning record with an ERA of almost 7?? Course being a lefty the Jays will likely turn him into Sandy Koufax for the day. Oh and the good news for me is that I finally have my HD TV up to watch the game on, now that we are out of it. But still it will look good.