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If there is any doubt that John McDonald is the best shortstop around, the final play of tonight's game should erase that doubt. After striking out Millar, BJ gave up a single, a walk and lost a bat on catcher's interference to load the bases. After Mora popped out, Brian Roberts hit a very slow rolling grounder and Mac ran in and made a right leaping throw that Lyle dug out nicely, getting a speedy Roberts by a good couple of steps.

After an easy one inning save yesterday, BJ looked very shaky tonight but did get make it thru even with the catcher's interference call. Litsch had an up and down effort, 6 innings, 4 hits, 4 walks, 2 earned and 6 k's. Litsch is young (23) and his inning count is getting up there this season. Wolfe and Cy each pitched a great inning. Even without Downs we have a great bullpen.

Offensively we did just enough: 6 hits and 3 runs, the big hit being a 2 out, 2 run.....double. Zaun was thrown out by oh 15 feet or so, I guess he saw Ortiz hit a triple and figured he ought to try it. But that hit and solo homer by Bautista in the first was all the scoring we needed.

Jays of the Day: Zaun (.301 WPA), BJ (.168), Cy (.124), Wolfe (.098) and Mac for that amazing play. Honorable mention to Moonraker. Hinske Awards go to Lind (-.115) and Rios (-.112).

The Jays got bad news today on a couple of fronts,an MRI showed Rod Barajas has a tear of his left hamstring so odds are he won't play again this season. And, apparently, Shawn Marcum got bad news after a MRI on his arm today. They aren't saying but it sounds bad, he is off to see Dr. James Andrews. I think I said before that I wished he would have a couple more rehab starts and/or Cito would have been gentler on him when he came back but Cito is Cito and he's not going to change. And there is no telling if he could have done anything that would have saved Marcum from this.

Tomorrow AJ (18-10, 4.19) pitches against the Red Sox. AJ needs wins in both of his last two starts to get to 20 wins. Paul Bryd (11-12, 4.53) goes for the Sox and I can honestly say I've seen more than enough of him this year. He's 2-2 against us. This series could have been important to us but unfortunately all we can do is make life tougher on Boston.