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The Days All Go So Fast, I Turn Around, It's Past....Game Thread


Boston Red Sox @ Toronto Blue Jays

09/19/08 7:07 PM EDT

Boston Red Sox Toronto Blue Jays
Jacoby Ellsbury - CF Joe Inglett - 2B
Dustin Pedroia - 2B Marco Scutaro - SS
David Ortiz - DH Alex Rios - RF
Kevin Youkilis - 3B Vernon Wells - CF
Sean Casey - 1B Lyle Overbay - 1B
Jason Bay - LF Adam Lind - DH
Mark Kotsay - RF Scott Rolen - 3B
Jed Lowrie - SS Gregg Zaun - C
Jason Varitek - C Travis Snider - LF

It is really sad about Shawn Marcum, Tommy John surgery is not something you'd wish on anyone but he should be back ready to go by the start of 2010. Isn't it a coincidence that Tommy John had Tommy John surgery. What are the odds.

So the series we had hopes would mean something doesn't mean anything to us. The Sox are only 1.5 games behind the Rays, so they still could catch them but they are 6.5 games ahead of the Twins in the Wild Card so that is about over.

We have AJ (18-10, 4.19) going, he needs to win both his last two starts to get to 20 wins. JP says he is going to try to get AJ to stay offering more money and more years but that he won't get into a bidding war. Without Marcum, we could really use him next season. Byrd (11-12, 4.53) is pitching for the Sox, I think we've all seen enough of him this year. But it is fun to watch his rocking chair delivery.

I was hoping to see more of Thigpen tonight but Zaun's out there and Moonraker is still in the nine hole. Come on guys; let's sweep them just for the fun of it. Oh the title is from a George Harrison Beatles song, Love You To, on Revolver.