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Tuesday Notes

Our September call-ups have been announced and there are no surprises, I was hoping for Scott Campbell personally but no such luck. But we do get Shawn Marcum back (yay). Joining Shawn are Brian Wolfe, Scott Richmond, Kevin Mench and Curtis Thigpen, so no one we haven't seen before. Also Brad Wilkerson has been activated off the DL.

After a weekend series win in our last games in The House That Ruth Built we have the Twins then the Rays in town. 9.5 games out of the Wild Card we are looking to play spoiler. Twins are even with the White Sox in the AL Central and three games back of the Red Sox in the Wild Card. So we can start spoiling today.

Over on Mike Wilner's he notes that voting for the Ford C. Frick Award for the broadcasters wing of the Hall of Fame and suggests we all vote everyday for Tom Cheek. Tom was an exceptional announcer and deserves our support. Here is where to vote.

According to the Chiefs are going to end their relationship with the Jays and try to become the Triple A home for the Met's. Syracuse has been the Triple A affiliate for 31 years, but they have only had 8 winning seasons in that time. I'm not sure where the Jay's Triple A team will end up. Maybe Buffalo which wouldn't be too bad I'm sure. has a story quoting JP saying that they will not be spending on free agents this off-season. Course with his history of truth telling I don't think what he says means anything and, of course, anything he says supposes that he will be GM next season.

Ricciardi acknowledges that there are several key spots where his club needs some sort of help: a shortstop, a power-hitting DH/first baseman and behind the plate. He believes that Toronto's minor-league system is ready to provide those missing pieces.

See you tonight in the game thread.