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You're the Great One / I'm Marty McSorley: Game Thread, Twins at Jays


Minnesota Twins @ Toronto Blue Jays

09/02/08 7:07 PM EDT

Minnesota Twins Toronto Blue Jays
Denard Span - CF Marco Scutaro - 2B
Alexi Casilla - 2B Jose Bautista - DH
Joe Mauer - C Alex Rios - RF
Justin Morneau - 1B Vernon Wells - CF
Jason Kubel - RF Rod Barajas - C
Randy Ruiz - DH Adam Lind - LF
Delmon Young - LF Scott Rolen - 3B
Brian Buscher - 3B Lyle Overbay - 1B
Nick Punto - SS John McDonald - SS

In honour of the Jays' return home to take on the Twins after a final trip to Yankee Stadium and NYC (incidentally, the home of McSorley's famous pub on the other side of town in the East Village), today's title comes from the Ontario singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards and her great song "I Make the Dough, You Get the Glory," which references two much more famous Ontarians. Though as a Flames fan, Rince may object to the reference, haha, he can at least take consolation in the fact that on our site, he is definitely the Great One and I am definitely McSorley.

David Purcey gets the start tonight and looks to build on a fantastic outing last time where he did everything but get the win. Glen Perkins and his impressive win-loss record pitch for the Twins.

Shaun Marcum rejoins the team after 2 quality outings at Syracuse. The whole thing is still just plain weird. Off for a run on this warm and sunny evening, but back for the game!