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Listen to the Color of Your Dreams

As always, a win is a good thing. Doc get's his 19th win with 6 decent innings. Cy, League and Ryan shut the Sox down for the last three. Ryan pitches a 1, 2, 3 inning? Is nice to see and makes you think things will be good next year for the closer.

Offensively the top three in our order Scoot, Bautista and Rios went 6 for 11, scored two and drove in 5. Rolen went 2 for 4 and hit home run number 10. What every he is doing different with his swing seems to be working. Thigpen went 1 for 3, nice to see him get a hit. Beating Jon Lester is not an easy thing to do. Getting 5 runs in 7 innings is great.

Jays of the Day: Rios (158 WPA), Doc (.149) and Scoot (.128). Honorable mention to League and Cy. No Suckage Jays, though Wells and Overbay deserve honorable mention (dishonorable mention?) going 0 for 7 between them.

Tomorrow we have Richmond (0-2, 5.06) starting for us, not really fair to judge him on it since he hasn't pitched since Aug. 29, but he's one of the names in the hat for a possible starting job next season at least till McGowan is back. Dicek (17-2, 2.93) goes for the Sox. I guess the game is on TBS on the other side of the border. I think we have to suffer thru CBC. Jesse Barfield is not my favorite color analyst.  

The title comes from 'Tomorrow Never Knows' another George song off the Beatles Revolver, since Hugo and I have been talking about him. I have know idea what the line means but I always thought it was cool.