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Cheating On Our Taxes is the Best That We Can Do

No, no, I am not suggesting anyone cheat on their taxes, it's a line from Steve Earle's Amerika v.6.0 (The Best That We Can Do). Just seems to fit now that we can't really affect the playoff race. Well, I guess if the Yankees win tonight beating them Tuesday would end it, offically, but the Yankees would need to run the table and the Sox would need to lose everything they have left too. Even if you don't like Steve Earle's politics, that song has the coolest bass line you'll ever need to hear. I spent a long time trying to get it down.

Anyway the game? If all you can manage is 3 hits (2 by Wells) and 2 walks you really can't expect to win. Richmond didn't look bad, 5 innings, 5 hits, a walk, 4 k's and 3 earned. Two of the earned runs were on an opposite field home run by Big Pappy. It was bad luck, he had a full count and the ball wasn't cranked. Was bad luck really, not that it mattered, the one run in the first would have been enough for the loss.

Parrish, Wolfe and Tallet pitched the last four innings and, as usual for our pen, didn't give up a run. Parrish has been great out of the pen and Wolfe and Tallet seem to be throwing like they should again.

No Jay of the Day today. Scoot gets the Hinske. Rios and Rolen came close but don't have the heart to give them one. Richmond's numbers are close to Tower's Award level, but the man hasn't pitched in like 3 weeks. Richmond has shown enough that he ought to get some consideration for the fifth starter spot next year. On that note, it you haven't read Hugo's excellent look at next season's potential starters yet, you really should. I'm sure debating who should be in the five starters will be a main topic around here all winter.

Tuesday we start three games at home against the Yankees. Tonight is the last game at the 'House that Ruth Built'. I'll likely watch.....unless the NFL game looks good tonight. Wife is away for a couple of days so I'm going to enjoy the new TV and be a couch potato for a bit.