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Yes I Understand the Meaning of the Word Hyperbola But....

Reggie Jackson said that Mariano Rivera is one the of top five all-time Yankee Most Important Players. Yeah I get he was over stating things to make a point and I understand using the term important allows you to define it anyway you want but let's take a moment here.

Is he more important than: Babe Ruth? Well no way. Lou Gehrig? Well no again. Mickey Mantle? Ummmmm no. Joe DiMaggio? Yogi Berra? No and no. So now at best he could be 6th. Bill Dickey? Not in my books. Whitey Ford? Well no. Reggie himself? I'm sure Reggie would say no, I would too. Derek Jeter? No chance. So now at best he's tenth on the list.

Now this is off the top of my head, but I'd guess there is a list of about 20 others that would be plus or minus as important. Randolph, Nettles, Mattingly, Tony Lazzeri. Munson? Rickey Henderson? Maris? O'Neil? Bernie Williams? Lefty Grove? Red Ruffing? Ron Guidry? Herb Pennock? Waite Hoyt? Joe Gordon? Dave Winfield? Andy Pettitte? I would guess I'd put him near the top of that list of players without spending the time to figure out exactly where he would fit. So let's just guess he belongs somewhere between the 12th and 18th most important Yankee ever. Or well you could tell me I'm wrong and he's more important than the Babe ever was. Or you could fine 15 other guys that should be considered. 

Anyway the Yankee's won the game. Mariano got the final out. Jose Molina got the last home run, Jeter came out of the game with one out left. He also made a great speech at the end. Lots of pictures of men, women and children crying. Lots of players taking dirt from the mound and from the basepaths. I am not a Yankee's fan but that truly is the greatest stadium in baseball. I'm glad I got to go there before it was torn down. It is too bad it has to come down but as someone else said, ''you can't stop progress".