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Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul, Gonna Set My Soul On Fire: Jays AAA Affiliate to be Located in Las Vegas for 2009 and 2010 Seasons

Well, it's settled.  The Jays AAA affiliate, at least, for the next 2 seasons, will be the Las Vegas 51s (named after the infamous military installation).  Vegas doesn't sound very happy about the situation (they lost the Dodgers to the 'Kerk) and the Jays are going to try to make the best of it.  Syracuse and the Nationals will be paired up, as will the Mets and Buffalo, and Cleveland and Columbus. 

It's clearly not ideal, given the travel time between Vegas and Toronto and Vegas and the Jays' AA affiliate in New Hampshire.  (though I have heard folks from New Hampshire ironically refer to Manchester, where they play, as 'Manch-Vegas.'  I also worry about the effect of the city on the minor-league players, though they should be pretty mature by AAA (A ball, on the other hand, would be a bigger concern for me). 

Las Vegas does have an exploding population as compared to other U.S. cities (certainly moreso than Syracuse) so at least Sin City is growing. 

On a personal level, I do travel to Las Vegas semi-frequently for work, so it's not a bad situation in that sense.  Although I used the Elvis tune for the title, I couldn't resist the opportunity to plug a Terry Gilliam movie.