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Week 3 Football Pool Results

This week's winners with the spread were Atlanta, Oakland (again?), Tennessee, Cincinnati, Washington. Miami, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Seattle, San Francisco, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Baltimore, Dallas and San Diego.

This week's winner? Hugo. A big 8 of 16, the Triple A team is going to Vegas but we shouldn't be. Actually once again it was a tie, this week Hopelessjayfan lost out on the tie breaker. I think we'll look for a different tie breaker next week.

Sorry Hugo, don't have a prize for you. I don't know, maybe you can use all 'Nsync and Back Street Boy lyrics for post titles for a week, like you've been secretly desiring to. Kidding, kidding.....I know you are really more into Boys2Men (boystomen?, something's not right, I'd check it if I cared enough).

All kidding aside congratulations Hugo.