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Jays Waste Litsch's Good Start.

Seven strong innings for Jesse goes for naught today, 7 innings, 5 hits, 2 earned and 8 strikeouts. And it should have been better, Robinson was clearly out at the plate on Jesse's wild pitch in the 7th. But the plate umpire had a rough night. The strike zone was all over the place, I was sure that a Jay was going to be thrown out before it ended. The pitch to Giambi before his homer was a better pitch than many that were called strikes tonight. Tallet pitched the last two scoreless innings.

Offensively we got 9 hits but struck out 14 times. Many of them looking and many of those had a Jay grumbling afterwards. On one check swing the third base umpire ruled not a swing while the plate umpire called it a swing. And course, that was an out. Rios, Lind and Snider each had 2 hits. Inglett, Overbay and Zaun were 0 fers, Zaun with 4 strikeouts.

No Jay of the Day today. Hinskes go to Inglett (-.185 WPA), Overbay (-.168), Zaun (-.157) and Scoot (-.121).

In other Jay's news, they have decided to shut down Purcey for the rest of the season just to stop running up the inning count on him. Last season he only threw 62 innings because of an arm injury, this year he is up to 182 inning in the Majors and Triple A comblined. A little late to worry but a good move.

Tomorrow AJ (18-10, 4.18) goes against Phil Hughes (0-4, 7.96). What are the odds we lower his ERA by a couple of runs?