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Jays Lose to Yankees in Extras

When they start telling you what a wonderful manager Cito is, remember this game. I know, I know, this 'battle for 3rd place' means nothing at all, but, frig Carlson's arm means something. Carlson, pitching his second inning of work, clearly is tiring. Can't find the strike zone. Hits Cano to load the bases. Does Cito pull him? No. Is Cito awake? Have pigeons landed on him yet? So Cy gives up the grand slam to Abreu. Cito still doesn't stir. Someone the man breathing?

Nagy grounds out. Damon singles. Still Cito can't fight the inertia enough to remove the poor guy. Cy does get Betemit to get out of the inning, but can someone explain this to me? Does Cito get a kick back from every surgery performed on one of his pitchers? Can he please catch on to the idea that throwing when tired puts strain on a pitcher arm? Please?

Now last year I wasn't a fan of how Gibby used his pen but this season he seemed to have learned. Could Cito please take the same class? My worry is with his status as Savior with the team, no one will be able to talk to him and say 'there is a limit to the number of young arms you can wreck'.

Yeah, other things happened. AJ had what might have been his last start with the team, went 8 strong, struck out 11. He was great. Cito had him go to the mound at the start of the ninth (scaring me into thinking he was going to have AJ pitch another inning after already throwing 118 pitches) and then took him out so the fans could cheer him. And they did. It was very nice. Same people that called him a loser before cheered him now. And next year if he comes back they'll be back on him, but tonight was nice.

And Rolen hit a home run. Rolen seems to be the only one on the team that can drive in a run. Well yes Rios drove in a run on a sac fly in the 1st. Other than that our offense was awful again. Phil Hughes goes into the game with a 7.96 ERA and left with a 6.62 ERA. We can't beat the crappy pitchers again, just like the first half of the season.

Jays of the Day? AJ (.264 WPA) and Rolen (.182). Hinske Awards go to Lind (-.153, hasn't had a homer since Aug. 19), Overbay (-.112), Wells (-.112) and Scoot (-.095). Cy has the numbers for the Batista Award (-.337), but I'm blaming Cito for that.

Tomorrow Doc goes for his 20th win, maybe he could bat as well, then he might have a chance. Yankees have Carl Pavano (4-1, 4.99). Please, please we can't lose to him again.