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Five Questions

ESPN The Magazine Online sent out a list of 5 questions to us and several other blogger types. This morning they have posted some of the responses here. My answers are listed on their page with my real name, Tom Dakers, instead of my member name.

Just as an aside, don't you think ESPN the Magazine Online is a great name, I really think they should start a TV show, then they can be ESPN The Magazine Online TV. Then, of course it is just a small step to having their own cable TV network to complete the circle.

Anyway, I thought we should all play. Give us your answers to any or all of these five questions:

  1. What was the single-best storyline in baseball this year (and why)?
  2. What was the single-worst storyline in baseball this year (and why)? (This can mean “story you’re absolutely tired of” or “guy who flopped” – i.e. ARod/Madonna or Zito)
  3. When you looked at this season in spring training (you yourself, not through the eyes of Peter Gammons), what one thing did you totally miss the boat on? (Could be your call for MVP, your playoff picks, anything).
  4. Who’s going to win the WS and why?
  5. If you had to summarize this baseball season in haiku form, what would your choice be?

For the record here are my answers for questions 1 and 3, they weren't included in the ESPN post.  

1.   Clearly the Tampa Bay Rays, who wouldn't love a worst to first story? Well, other than people in Tampa Bay who are still staying away in droves.

3.    I didn't think the Jay's pitching staff, starters and bullpen would be this good this year, but that is balanced out by not imagining that the offense could be so awful.

Anyway share with us your answers and your best haiku. Well, you don't have to write a haiku, just answer the questions you'd like to answer. Remember 5 syllables, 7 then 5 again