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Richmond Gets First Win as Jays Beat Orioles

We might have a keeper, Scoot Richmond gets his first win, his first complete game and his first shutout. Yeah it was only 6 innings to get the complete game and the shutout but it still counts. Richmond only gave up 4 hits, no walks and struck out 4. He has pitched well for us with an ERA of 4.00 and a 10:1 strikeout to walk ratio. He deserves to be looked at for the 5th starter role next season. Our problem is we have a handful of 5th starts possibilities and no real 2 and 3 guy if AJ leaves, Marcum gone till 2010 and McGowan out for at least the first month of next year.

As well as Richmond getting his first win, Curtis Thigpen got his first career home run. I hope Cito plays him the last two games of the season. I really don't feel too bad about the idea of Thigpen as our backup catcher. I think he could handle the role. Speaking of guys I'm feeling better about Rolen had another good game going 2 for 3 with an RBI. Rolen has been great in September, batting .298/.348/.524 with 3 homers. If he can hit like this next season and play 140 games we'll be ok at third.

Others that had a good night include Lind who came within a few feet of his first home run in a month but it was a double and he took a walk. Lind has got to find the home run stroke to be of value for us next year, but I think he will. He is keeping his average up at .289. Scoot went 2 for 4. Even Mac got a hit so it has to be a good day. It is nice to see us finally get some hits and runs off Chris Waters, guys like that we should beat.

Anyway, Jays of the Day: Richmond (.376 WPA) and Rolen (.150). Honorable mention to Thigpen. Batista Awards to Wells (-.197) and Moonraker (.136).

Two games left, tomorrow Parrish (1-0, 4.10) goes against Brian Bass (3-4, 5.08). Parrish has been doing very well for the Jays pitching out of the pen so it will be good to have a longer look at him tomorrow. And our pen is well rested. Gotta play the last two games so might as well win them.