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Jays Lose Rained Out Game

The rain gives and the rain takes away. After winning a rain-shortened game yesterday the Jays lost one today. Today they got to the first batter in the top of the 7th, Overbay who ended a long hitless stretch with a double, then they called the game because of the rain and the Jays losing 2-1.

Offensively we didn't do much against O's starter Brian Bass. We managed 4 hits in the 6 innings and one run on Wilk's 4th home run. John Parrish gave up 9 hits in 5 innings and 2 runs in his 5 innings of work. He pitched his way into and out of trouble in just about everyone of those innings. Tallet pitched a scoreless inning while the rain was pouring down on him.

No real Jay of the Day today though Wilk deserves honorable mention for the home run. And no Suckage Jay, Inglett  came close with a -.082. Sad to lose a game when a game is called with the tying run on second and none out. Seems to me the Jays had a suspended game before that Lyle was on third at the time it was suspended.

In other Jays news, the big news is the rumor that Jays have made an offer to AJ in the hopes to keep him with the team over the next four years. I am hopeful that they'll work something out, it does seem that he enjoys the team and his teammates.

The Jays last game of the season is tomorrow at 1:00 Eastern and they need the win to finish 10 games above .500. Litsch (12-9, 3.67) goes against Jeremy Guthrie (10-11, 3.57). That is, if the rain lets up. I'm driving out of town tomorrow at that time so won't get to see how the season ends.