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Jays Win Last Game of the Season

Jays win. Not that it matters but is nice they finish 10 games above .500 when they spent so much of the season within a couple of games of .500. Litsch had a good start, 7 inning, 3 hits, 5 k's and only 1 earned run. Cy and League each pitched a scoreless inning of relief. Is it possible that our pitching could be this good again next year?

Our offensive hero was Vernon with two home runs to get up to 20 on the season.  I know it means nothing but I'm glad he got to 20, sort of like ending 10 games above .500, it just feels a little better that someone got there. Other offensive stars were Inglett, who I hope gets a role on team next season, was 1 for 3 with 2 walks and 3 runs. Scoot went 3 for 5. Rolen 2 for 4, the way he has ended the season gives hope for next year. Zaun was 2 for 5 in what is likely his last game as a Jay. He's been far better as a Jay than anyone could have hoped he'd be joined the team. He's been good offensively and defensively, till this year. I'll miss him. And Lyle got a home run. Here's hoping for better next year, a year further removed from the broken hand.

Jays of the Day? Wells (.309 WPA), Litsch (.248) and Lyle (.104). No suckage Jays today. Lyle surprisingly had the most Jay of the Day Awards from us this season. I'm sure none of us would have guessed that watching him this season, but good for you Lyle.

In other news, you have to feel for Met fans, sorry Hugo, watching their team not quite make it to the post season again. I won't say the 'C' word. Wonder what they might offer us for BJ this winter? Congrats to the Brewers for making it to the playoffs for the first time since the Harvy Walbanger days. In the AL Central the White Sox have to play a make up game against the Tigers in Detriot tomorrow and if they win they have a one game playoff againt the Twins in Chicago to see who gets to go to the ALDS.

For our part we'll be following the playoffs here at Blue Bird Banter and we'll put up a playoff pool for those of us that can't pick football winners, we can show we are equally lousy at picking baseball winners.

Personally it was a strange day for me.....drove 3 hours up to Edmonton to see an Evening With Kevin Smith. Got a hotel room, took my son out for supper, watched him play hockey for a couple of periods. Off to see Kevin Smith, search out where the theater is, find a place to park. It's canceled. Kevin apparently missed the plane. Or something. Rescheduled for a week from Wednesday. So I have to figure if I can move things around enough to come up here again. Oh well, supper with my boy was good. 

Thanks Jays, it was an interesting season.