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Happy Birthday Dave Berg

It is former Jay Dave Berg's 38th birthday today. Dave was drafted in the 38th of the 1993 amateur draft. How many players make the majors after being drafted in the 38th round? In 1998 he made it to the Marlins and playing 81 games batting a terrific .313/.393/.407 playing 2B, 3B and SS. He played 3 more seasons with the Marlins as a utility player. He kept a pretty decent OBP, though his numbers dropped each of those seasons. His last season with the Marlins he batted .242/.292/.363.

In the off season before the 2002 season Berg signed with the Jays as a free agent. He played three seasons as a utility play but his glove wasn't really good enough to be a middle infielder and his bat wasn't good enough to play in the corner infield or outfield spots.

In his three seasons with the Jays his OPS+ dropped each season starting at 84 in '02 then 76 in '03 and 57 in '04. After the 04 season he signed with the Red Sox as a free agent then went to the Card and Angels without ever again making it to the majors. In May of 2006 he retired.

Berg finished his career with 582 games played, 21 homeruns, 163 RBI. His batting line .269/.328/.373. Not bad for a 38th round draft pick.