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Career Opportunities: Recap: Jays 9, Twins 0

What a game for the Jays as they sweep the Twins and two great young players reached milestones.  Jesse Litsch pitched a fantastic game, earning his first major-league shutout, and Travis Snider had a huge day, hitting his first major-league HR as well as 2 singles and a walk. 

Snider has been fantastic so far, and it's not just the results.  It's his confidence and approach at the plate, which has been excellent.  He seems composed and in control of his at-bats, and I think he is going to have many more good at-bats than bad for a very long time.  I for one am very excited (unlike Toronto's fans, who could be giving Snider a lot more love considering this series is his major-league debut at the R.C.)  Gaston, by the way, has had nothing but praise for Snider since his call-up, so perhaps he will get a shot at an everyday role with next year's team from Opening Day?

Other Jays had good days at the plate as well.  Vernon Wells, Joe Inglett, Adam Lind, and Scott Rolen all had great days at the dish.   Wells hit his 16th home run.

Jesse Litsch was tremendous on the mound.  He battled a bit through the first few, but started cruising around the 5th and it was still a very close game at that point, so he deserves full credit.  He seemed to, Doc-style, gain strength and comfort on the mound as the game progressed, and I wasn't particularly worried about him losing the shutout by the end, though Inglett did make a great play to end the game.  If the Jays can count on quality performances like the ones LItsch has turned in since returning from his brief AAA stint, they're sitting pretty for next season , pitching-wise.

No need to show the fangraph - the Jays were ahead the whole way before breaking it open in the 8th.  Jays of the Day:  Litsch and Snider were all it took. 

I hate to keep repeating myself, but how sweet would this series have been if the Jays were still in it?  That's the only bittersweet part of this fantastic series of baseball.  Well, it's Tampa coming in this weekend.

Update: as Torgen points out, this isn't Litsch's first shutout. He shut-out the Royals in Toronto on May 24.