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Friday Notes

The Blue Jays have the best infield defense in the AL according to this story from the 'Baseball Think Factory'. And Scott Rolen and Lyle Overbay are the best players at their positions. I think those of us watching the Jays wouldn't argue it.

Possible AL MVP Carlos Quentin has a broken wrist and will have surgery today. Timing is good for the Jay since we have four games in Chicago next week but is too bad for the White Sox, he's having an amazing season. It will be a lot harder for the Sox to make the playoffs without him.

Josh Beckett returns to the Bosox rotation today, this is a big deal for the Sox as they are a much better team with Beckett than without.

Tampa Bay, trying to hold off Boston in the American League East, would be the first to feel the brunt of that pitching prowess. The Red Sox are set up to use Lester, Matsuzaka and Beckett -- in that order -- in a series against the Rays that starts on Monday at Fenway Park. The Rays are 0-6 in Boston this season.

If Beckett encounters more problems or even looks as ordinary as he has most of the season, the Red Sox become vulnerable.

See you tonight in the game thread.