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My Banjo and Me, We Got a Feel For Singin', Yeah, Yeah

6 wins in a row, 8 games over .500 for the first time since Oct. 2006. Too bad we couldn't do this back when it mattered, but still winning is more fun than losing. And it was a lot of fun in the game thread tonight.  Even had a friendly Red Sox fan join in (yeah apparently there is such a thing). Stop in anytime bs.uf15bosox9bears23 (and I thought I had a dumb name).

Yet another nice start by Doc, 7 innings, 7 hits, 7 k's, 3 runs only 1 earned, to get his 18th win of the season. Snakeface pitched a great 8th and BJ tested our blood pressure but got his 27th save.

Offensively Rios hit two out, to get to 13 on the year.  The two tonight equals the number of homers he had in May and June total. In fact only in July has he hit more in one month than he hit tonight. Overbay hit a two run double and Mac, batting second (yeah that's right batting second) hit a double just before Rios' second homerun.

The Fangraph:


Other than the 2 runs scored by the Rays in the top of the first, caused by a bad error by Inglett ending our errorless streak, the game was never in doubt. Though BJ did test our faith for a moment.

Jays of the Day: Rios (.172 WPA), Lyle (.130), Snakeface (.124) and Doc (.115). The inaugural Eric Hinske Award (formally known as the Suckage Jay) goes Joe Inglett for an 0 for 4 and the big error in the first. Moonraker also had an 0 for, but no one can be amazing every night.

Tomorrow we have Marcum making his comeback start going against James Shields (12-8, 3.66). It is a 1:00 Eastern Time start. Join in the game thread if you can, we've had lots of fun and you may come up with a new nickname for a player or name a new award.  Or just laugh for 10 minutes straight, causing your wife to stare at you, like my wife does with me. But we've been married awhile and she hasn't left me yet. I think that says more about her sanity than mine.

Tonight's title comes from the song Sweet City Woman, by my home town's Stampeders. It came up in the game thread and, well, was a favorite when I was very young. It made the banjo cool for a few moments. Yeah it's a terrible song but what song did you like when you were five.