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Second Sweep in a Row

An eight game win streak! I know, it would be better if we were in a race but winning is much more fun than losing. And we beat Matt Garza! And we equaled our season high for runs against him! We are in third for a bit anyway, till the end of the Yankees-Mariners game. Go Mariners...Yankees are up 2-0 at the moment, man the M's suck.

Purcey was terrific. 8 innings, 6 hits, 3 walks and 7 strikeouts. I think we have a rotation member for next season. He did load the bases with 2 out in the 8th and I thought he should have been pulled at that point, especially since he walked Pena a lefty batter and was facing Rocco a righty. But he got Baldelli to fly out to Lind. Cy looked strong getting the save. And they are our Jays of the Day, Purcey with a .596 WPA and Cy with a .168. No Suckage Jay today.

We got all the offense we needed off a sac fly by Rod scoring Lind. We only managed 6 hits and a walk off Garza. Tomorrow we get to play spoiler against another contender, heading to Chicago to play the White Sox. AJ (16-10, 4.47) vs. Javier Vazquez 11-12, 4.34), an old favorite of mine from when he was an Expo.

I'm attaching a poll for people to vote for the title of the 'Suckage Jay' Award, reliever division. For the batters we are honoring Eric Hinske, by naming the award after him.

Folks....if you are going to vote someone else, let us know who the someone else is in the comments section. If make a good argument we'll add your choice into the poll.