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Nine in a Row.....

For all those that love the bunt, this was the game for you. Pierzynski twice bunted into force outs at second. Then in the ninth BJ walked the first two batters, coming nowhere near the plate. So the White Sox, down by two, against a reliever who looks lost, try to bunt. Ramirez can't get it down and ends up striking out.

That helped Ryan get into the game and after Swisher watched strike three and Uribe tapping on back to the pitch, Ryan got his 28 save. Downs pitched the 8th and looked a little shaky too, walking the first batter, but he benefitted from one of Pierzynski's bad bunts.

AJ was terrific, pitching 7 and only giving up 1 hit, a ball that Rolen could have made the play on, but was hit very hard. Win number 17 for AJ. He struck out 7 and only gave up the one unearned run. And as Torgen mentioned in the thread, it was an extremely unearned run. The single went thru Rolen, Pierzynski bunted into a force. Then Mac made an error (his first of two errors) on an easy DP ball to put runners on first and second.  Runners moved up on a wild pitch (Zaun was crossed  up) and Pierzynski scored on a sac fly to Snider.

Offensively we did just enough, Vazquez pitched a really good game. 6 innings and five hits allowed. Overybay did the damage in the 6th driving home Vernon and Lind with a hard hit double. We got another run in the ninth on consecutive singles by Rod, Moonraker and Inglett.

Jays of the Day: AJ (our AJ, though their AJ helped us a bunch, .350 WPA), Lyle (.303, 2 for 4, 2 doubles), Snakeface (.146) and BJ (.097), though I think Ozzie Guilen should get BJ's award. Hinske Award to Wells (-127) and Rolen (-.114).

It must be a tough day for Travis Snider, his mother died one year ago today. You have to feel sorry for the young man. In other news, Alex Rios was named AL Player of the Week on Monday.

Tonight we have Litsch (10-8, 3.76) going against Clayton Richard (2-3, 6.39). Richard is a lefty and we have had trouble against lefties but we are on such a run at the moment. Game time is 8:00 Eastern. Join the game thread, I'll miss the start of the game but likely will see the end. Go Jays.