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You know 5 or 6 more of these and I'll be a believer. Actually 6 would be great because it would carry us right thru the Red Sox series. Boy our starting pitching has been amazing, the two games today we get 14 innings from our starters with only 3 runs allow, only 2 earned.

Litsch equaled AJ by going 7 tonight allowing 6 hits, 6 strikeouts, 2 walks. He did give up 2 in the 3rd inning with a single and back to back doubles, but other than that he was amazing. Cy and League pitched a shutout 8th and 9th respectively.

Offensively, well when you get 14 hits, life is pretty good. And when 3 of those hits are home runs, including a lead off home run by Scoot, a two run shot by Rolen and solo shot by Wells in the 9th, well, 8 run is the result. Everyone in the starting lineup had a hand in our offense except for Barajas, who was 0 for 5. Bautista was 0 for 2 but chipped in with 2 nice sac bunts.

Scoot (3 runs, 1 RBI), Wells (1 run, 2 RBI). Lind (1 run), Rolen (1 run, 2 RBI) and Mac (1 run, 1 RBI) all had 2 hits. Rios had 3 hits and two base running blunders. Boy he can be a space cadet at times.

Jays of the day: Rolen (.227 WPA), Scoot (.144), Litsch (.124) and VW (.094). No suckage Jays.

As bad as losing the two games was for the White Sox, even worse is that Konerko injured his knee on Rios' second base running adventure. Apparently x-rays are negative but he will have a MRI tomorrow. With him and Quentin out, the Sox will have a tough go the rest of the way.

Tomorrow, only one game, Doc (18-9, 2.64) goes for the Jays against Mark Buehrle (12-11, 3.98). Can we keep the streak going? Well I would never bet against Doc. We are only 1 game back from the Twins for second in the Wild Card race and 7 back of the Red Sox. Go Jays!