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Henderson and Rice Voted into the Hall of Fame

Rickey Henderson with 94.8% and Jim Rice with 76.4% of the vote are going into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Henderson, who played 44 regular season games and had 22 of his 1406 steals with the Jays and won the World Series with us in 1992 1993 . I truly believe that the 5.2% of writers that didn't vote for Henderson should lose the right to vote. Rickey easily has the numbers to belong in the Hall, and voters that have other agendas than just voting for who earns it shouldn't have the responsibility.

Jim Rice barely made the cut off, receiving just 7 more votes than needed to earn induction. The case can be made for and against him being in the Hall. He was a favorite of mine as a child, I had a Jim Rice model bat, likely still have it somewhere. When I got it it was far too heavy for me to swing.

Andre Dawson fell 44 votes short and Bert Blyleven was 67 votes short. Maybe next year. Mark McGwire got 21.9% of the vote. I thought he might be a little higher this year. He is going to have to come clean on his steroid use though even that might not get him the votes he needs.

Tim Raines, who 81% of people voting in our poll though should be in, received only 22.6% of the vote. He would need a big campaign to get to the 75% needed to make the Hall. It is too bad, there would have been something poetic about having the best and second best lead off men ever go into the Hall at the same time.