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I Have Found the World's Greatest Website

Did you know Gregg Zaun has his own web site! Turn up your speakers before you hit the link. I want to join his fan club, Zaunbie Nation.

The man is amazing, if you don't believe me, read his site. Now don't hit the 'skip intro' button when you log on. And don't skip the 'photo and video galleries' where at the bottom you can buy 'game used' Zaun equipment memorabilia. I am not kidding. Game used bats, shoes, shin pads, catcher gloves, batting gloves and jock straps (ok, ok, I am kidding about that last one). 

I love this quote:

Is one of two players (The second being Babe Ruth) to "call his shot" and hit a home-run in this location.

Yes folks the man compared himself to Babe Ruth!

I'll note his last 'fan club' post is June 2008. Awww his music is called cute. 

So check it out and bring your Z-Game. Yeah that's from the site too.